Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"So what on earth do you talk about?" is a question people often ask me about Twitter, and about how I use it.
My own use of Twitter is a bit of a cross-over. I certainly use it for work, for posts about translation, for sharing information about my work in the professional development field for translators.
But I also use it to ask questions, to seek opinions and information from others - and people are generous in their replies, happily sharing information. And I also use it to post a bit of information about me as a person, about my cycling, photography and coaching activities.
Today, I generated a "word cloud" that shows the most frequent words I have used on Twitter in the past year. You can see it here. So, now you know what I talk about on Twitter!

You can find my Twitter posts at http://twitter.com/nickrosenthal


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