Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time flies, and October is suddenly upon us.

The autumn is a season of conferences for me. On Saturday October 10th I will be giving a talk on Keeping Customers Happy to the West Midlands group of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (note to self: Look up how to get to Aston University!).

Saturday 14th November will see me in Manchester, taking part in the NWTN "Boost your productivity" day, which will look at how translators actually work, at the tools we use, the techniques we use, and at how the tools and techniques that translators use have changed.

Then on 19th November, Sarah O'Keefe and her lovely colleagues at Scriptorium have kindly invited me to present a webinar with them on document design issues. That will look at how to design your company's documents with cost-effective translation in mind, looking at ways to maximise the return on your translation budget. That promises to be fun.


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