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Terminology consistency doesn't sound an exciting subject, but it is crucial for professional translators. Most translators use specialist tools, such as Trados MultiTerm or MemoQ Termbase, for terminology management.

But of course, these only help translators to keep track of terminology they already know. First, we have to know it. And for translators working in the computing field, that's where the Microsoft Glossaries come in. Ever wondered what Network printer search is in German? A quick check of the Microsoft Glossary shows that on a German version of Windows, that would be Netzwerkdruckersuche.

And now, there's an easy way to look this stuff up in the online version of the Microsoft Glossaries. Just go to:


Blogger Riccardo said...

The Microsoft language portal is indeed very useful; I've used it frequently since it launched in March of last year.

For more targeted searches on Microsoft terminology, however, it is still better to use the downloadable Microsoft glossaries (I think they are probably still available for those with a Microsoft Developer network's subscription, though no longer as a free download for other people), searching in them with a good grep tool or with XBench.

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Blogger Licia said...

As mentioned by Riccardo, TechNet and MSDN subscribers can access the so-called "Microsoft glossaries", CSV files that contain the English and localized strings used in Microsoft products and other information (type of string, platform and product).

If you have a TechNet or MSDN subscription:

1. Go to or

2. Use the Click here link in the box on the right to access your account.

3. Select the Downloads tab.

4. Navigate to Tools and Resources and then Microsoft Translation Glossaries.

The Microsoft terminology database content, however, is only accessible via the Microsoft Language Portal.

Italian terminologist - Microsoft

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