Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blogs for translators is a topic close to my heart. Two translator friends of mine are currently doing interesting things with blogs. Firstly Margaret Marks, an English solicitor living in Germany, has been running the delightfully-named Transblawg (which always bring Deputy Dawg to mind for me!), which is always an interesting read. (As an aside, Margaret and I first "met" on the old and much-missed FLEFO translators' discussion forum on CompuServe back in the late 80's, before this new-fangled Internet stuff really took off.) And more recently, ace German translator Heidi Kerschl has set up a blog called Heidi Lives & Learns. I anticipate that it will not be long before more technical translators start harnessing the power of the blog. And not just translators: I notice that two STC groups are including "how to create a blog" sessions in their events aimed at technical authors. The STC UK chapter has an event in Birmingham on March 10th on the subject of "Blogs and Wikis", and then the STC Transalpine chapter is running a two-day conference in Zurich, Switzerland, on April 19th and 20th 2007 that also includes a couple of sessions on creating blogs.


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