Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where have the Microsoft Glossaries gone to? Microsoft always used to take a very responsible attitude to making the glossaries that reflect how their core software products are translated available to the localisation community. And the translation community in return respected this and supported Microsoft ... my own company has an MSDN subscription precisely so that we can access the Microsoft Glossaries when we need to check how an obscure string in the Windows interface is translated in Czech or Dutch. This week, a job we are working on led me to want to check how various bits of the new Windows Vista have been translated..... and I'm blowed if I can find the glossaries, even on the Subscriber MSDN area that we pay for. For many years, they lived at, but now there is just a sad TXT file there that explains they have all been replaced by a single CSV file (believe me when I tell you it contains but a fraction of the old information!) If anyone knows where I can find multilingual glossaries in the European langauges for Windows Vista, please contact me. In the meantime, at least I can take cold comfort knowing that others are also experiencing the same difficulties.

Update Jan 2007: My company, Salford Translations Ltd, has an MSDN subscription, and I have been able to track down the Microsoft Glossaries in their new "MSDN subscribers only" location. Alas, looking at the file dates, most of them were last updated in 2004. So no Vista terminology. And this also short-changes me on my MSDN subscription -- I am happy to pay for an MSDN subscription, but I would like to think it would give me access to current information. For what it is worth, here's how to find the Microsoft Glossaries if you have an MSDN subscription:
  • Go to
  • Use the Sign In button to sign in to your MSDN account.
  • Click the "Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys" link.
  • Navigate to Tools, SDKs, and DDKs, then scoot down the list until you see Microsoft Glossaries. Just be aware that most of them are dated 2004.

So, over to Microsoft: Can anyone on the Vista localization team tell us where the multilingual user interface terminology might be available for Windows Vista?


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