Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Travelling by train in Britain can present certain .... challenges. The technical translation company that I work for is based in Manchester, and I often travel by train when I have meetings in London. And I do seem to hit more than my fair share of travel problems. A few months ago, our company was approached by David Pincott, a PR man who decided it was time to fight back. So he had the wonderful idea of producing a dictionary of useful phrases for foreign travellers on Britain's railways. Click on the link to see for yourself. If you have ever wondered how to say "The trains are delayed because the wrong type of snow has fallen" in Dutch (that'd be "De treinen zijn vertraagd omdat het verkeerde type sneeuw is gevallen", of course), then this is the dictionary that you have been waiting for. Once can only wonder what travellers from Poland must think when they realise the train driver has just announced "Pociąg nie odjedzie, gdyż jest już stary i się zepsuł". We liked the idea so much that Salford Translations Ltd provided the Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and Polish translations free of charge!


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