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Watch out for that conference

There are plenty of networking conferences to get involved with. Here is a quick overview of some forthcoming events:


BP 2017 translation conference
4th - 6th May 2017, Budapest, Hungary - Our Managing Director Nick Rosenthal is one of the speakers!


UA Europe 2017
Annual conference for technical communicators that focuses on software user assistance and online Help
Harrogate, England: 8th - 9th June 2017


The SalfTrans 25th Anniversary Conference
A translators' guide to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Stockport, England: 10th December 2013


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Website translation and website localisation
Complete website translations from SalfTrans

Website translation

Accurate website translation - in any language!

In the internet age, having an easily accessible website is an essential marketing tool for most companies. At SalfTrans, we can help. We can translate your company's website, accurately and stylishly, in a way that supports your marketing objectives.

Experienced professional translators

When we first translated websites for our clients in the late 1990's, the websites were all written using flat HTML files. Over the past ten years, website technology has evolved. These days, a lot of our clients have .asp or CMS-driven websites. The technology may have changed, but the reason for translating your website has not: you want to communicate effectively with your customers, in their own language.  Whether your website is static and HTML-based, dynamic and database-structured or contains sophisticated multimedia files and Flash components, Salford Translations Ltd have the experience and skills to create localised versions of your website which have a dynamically-equivalent marketing effect on your target audience.

Contact us now for a free quote for your website translations

 Call us to discuss your website translation requirements, or to get a free quote:

We don't just translate your website, we localise it

At Salford Translations Ltd, we appreciate that it is essential for a localised website to convey the message of your existing web site in an appropriate language, style and tone for your target audience. Our experience in offering tailored technical solutions also means that the translated versions of your website are integrated fully with the architecture of your source-language website.

Project management in the website translation process

  • Salford Translations Ltd analyse your website and the scope of localisation required
  • We will localise your website content: text, multimedia content, graphics, etc.
  • We will translate all database-driven content, GUI items, meta tags, etc.
  • We can test the localised builds on a native platform using the local version of the operating system

We are experienced in translating websites built using a number of different tools, such as simple HTML files, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, MacroMedia Flash, SQL, Coldfusion, etc.

See some examples of websites that we have translated

Take a look at the French, German, Italian and Spanish translations that our company provided (and incidentally, if you are looking for English-language training for your company's executives, we can thoroughly recommend a language school called Company Languages).


Or follow this link for a German website translation that we translated for an industrial cleaning company.

We can also show you some web site translations that we did into several languages for a specialist timber manufacturer. We translated the HTML files into Dutch, French, German and Spanish, as well as into Polish and Russian.

 We also provided Dutch, French, Spanish and German translations of a website for a company that recycles old paper products:


SalfTrans: A translation company that cares

Salford Translations Ltd is a highly experienced translation company, specialising in providing accurate and consistent translations. We translate user guides, manualsmarketing materials and websites across a full range of languages. Founded in 1986, our company offers you the benefit of over 30 years' experience of managing translation projects.

We would be delighted to welcome you at our offices close to Manchester airport to discuss your technical translation requirements in all languages, or to visit you at your premises. You are welcome to call us on 0161 968 7102, or you can use our online contact form to get a free, no-obligation quote for your translation requirements.

Salford Translations Limited

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